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Principality Premiership: First Phase
League Table: Principality Premiership
2019-2020 - Indigo Group Premiership

1No changeAberavon000000000000
2No changeBridgend000000000000
3No changeCardiff Rugby000000000000
4No changeCarmarthen Quins000000000000
5No changeEbbw Vale000000000000
6No changeLlandovery000000000000
7No changeLlanelli000000000000
8No changeMerthyr000000000000
9No changeNewport000000000000
10No changePontypridd000000000000
11No changeRGC 1404000000000000
12No changeSwansea000000000000
Results & Fixtures: Principality Premiership
September 2019
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30Bridgend  v  Aberavon
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Pontypridd
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Llandovery
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Newport
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Merthyr
Sat 7th Sep 1914:30Swansea  v  Llanelli
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Aberavon  v  Swansea
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Llandovery  v  RGC 1404
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Llanelli  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Merthyr  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Newport  v  Bridgend
Sat 21st Sep 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Carmarthen Quins
October 2019
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30Aberavon  v  Newport
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30Bridgend  v  Merthyr
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Swansea
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Llanelli
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Llandovery
Sat 12th Oct 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Pontypridd
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Llandovery  v  Bridgend
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Llanelli  v  RGC 1404
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Merthyr  v  Aberavon
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 19th Oct 1914:30Swansea  v  Newport
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30Aberavon  v  Llandovery
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30Bridgend  v  Pontypridd
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Swansea
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Llanelli
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30Newport  v  Merthyr
Sat 26th Oct 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Cardiff Rugby
November 2019
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  RGC 1404
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Llandovery  v  Newport
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Llanelli  v  Bridgend
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Aberavon
Sat 2nd Nov 1914:30Swansea  v  Merthyr
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30Aberavon  v  Llanelli
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30Bridgend  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30Merthyr  v  Llandovery
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30Newport  v  Pontypridd
Sat 16th Nov 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Swansea
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Aberavon
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Bridgend
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30Llanelli  v  Newport
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Merthyr
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 23rd Nov 1914:30Swansea  v  Llandovery
December 2019
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Aberavon  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Bridgend  v  RGC 1404
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Swansea
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Llandovery  v  Pontypridd
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Merthyr  v  Llanelli
Sat 7th Dec 1914:30Newport  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Merthyr
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Newport
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Bridgend
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30Llanelli  v  Llandovery
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Aberavon
Sat 14th Dec 1914:30Swansea  v  Pontypridd
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Aberavon  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Bridgend  v  Swansea
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Llandovery  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Merthyr  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Newport  v  RGC 1404
Sat 21st Dec 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Llanelli
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Aberavon  v  Bridgend
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Llandovery  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Llanelli  v  Swansea
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Merthyr  v  RGC 1404
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Newport  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 28th Dec 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Cardiff Rugby
January 2020
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30Bridgend  v  Newport
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Llanelli
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Pontypridd
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30Ebbw Vale  v  Merthyr
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30RGC 1404  v  Llandovery
Sat 4th Jan 2014:30Swansea  v  Aberavon
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Llandovery  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Llanelli  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Merthyr  v  Bridgend
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Newport  v  Aberavon
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Pontypridd  v  RGC 1404
Sat 11th Jan 2014:30Swansea  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 18th Jan 2014:30Aberavon  v  Merthyr
Sat 18th Jan 2014:30Bridgend  v  Llandovery
Sat 18th Jan 2014:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 18th Jan 2014:30Ebbw Vale  v  Pontypridd
Sat 18th Jan 2014:30RGC 1404  v  Llanelli
Sun 19th Jan 2014:30Newport  v  Swansea
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Cardiff Rugby  v  RGC 1404
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Llandovery  v  Aberavon
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Llanelli  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Merthyr  v  Newport
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Pontypridd  v  Bridgend
Sat 25th Jan 2014:30Swansea  v  Carmarthen Quins
February 2020
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30Aberavon  v  Pontypridd
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30Bridgend  v  Llanelli
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30Ebbw Vale  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30Merthyr  v  Swansea
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30Newport  v  Llandovery
Sat 15th Feb 2014:30RGC 1404  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Bridgend
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Llandovery  v  Merthyr
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Llanelli  v  Aberavon
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Pontypridd  v  Newport
Sat 29th Feb 2014:30Swansea  v  RGC 1404
March 2020
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Aberavon  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Bridgend  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Ebbw Vale  v  RGC 1404
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Llandovery  v  Swansea
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Merthyr  v  Pontypridd
Sat 7th Mar 2014:30Newport  v  Llanelli
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Newport
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Aberavon
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30Llanelli  v  Merthyr
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30Pontypridd  v  Llandovery
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30RGC 1404  v  Bridgend
Sat 21st Mar 2014:30Swansea  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Aberavon  v  RGC 1404
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Bridgend  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Llandovery  v  Llanelli
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Merthyr  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Newport  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 28th Mar 2014:30Pontypridd  v  Swansea
April 2020
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Llandovery
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Merthyr
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30Ebbw Vale  v  Aberavon
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30Llanelli  v  Pontypridd
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30RGC 1404  v  Newport
Sat 4th Apr 2014:30Swansea  v  Bridgend
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