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Wales Stats: Country by Country Breakdown
Overall Stats (all stats from 1992 onwards)
Team: Wales
Appearances: 125
Wins: 73
Draws: 3
Losses: 49
Total Points For1,698
Total Points Against1,294
Total Tries For244
Total Tries Against189
Total Conversions For127
Total Conversions Against89
Total Penalty Goals For153
Total Penalty Goals Against145
Total Drop Goals For25
Total Drop Goals Against30
Biggest Win 51 - 3 (v Scotland 2014)
Heaviest Defeat 10 - 35 (v Scotland 1924)
Most Consecutive Wins9
Most Consecutive Defeats5
Most Points In A Match51 (v Scotland 2014)
Most Tries In A Match8 (v Scotland 1911)
Most Conversions In A Match5 (v Scotland 2005)
Most Penalty Goals In A Match7 (v Scotland 2013)
Most Drop Goals In A Match3 (v Scotland 2001)
Results & Fixtures: Wales v Scotland
Mon 8th Jan 834NScotland3G - 1GWalesRaeburn Place
Sat 12th Jan 844NWales0 - 1T 1DScotlandRodney Parade
Sat 10th Jan 854NScotland0 - 0WalesHamilton Crescent
Sat 9th Jan 864NWales0 - 2G 1TScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 26th Feb 874NScotland4G 8T - 0WalesRaeburn Place
Sat 4th Feb 884NWales1T - 0ScotlandRodney Parade
Sat 2nd Feb 894NScotland2T - 0WalesRaeburn Place
Sat 1st Feb 904NWales2 - 8ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 914NScotland15 - 0WalesRaeburn Place
Sat 6th Feb 924NWales2 - 7ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 4th Feb 934NScotland0 - 9WalesRaeburn Place
Sat 3rd Feb 944NWales7 - 0ScotlandRodney Parade
Sat 26th Jan 954NScotland5 - 4WalesRaeburn Place
Sat 25th Jan 964NWales6 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sun 14th Mar 974NScotlandC - CWalesFallowfield
Mon 4th Apr 984NWalesC - CScotlandRectory Field
Sat 4th Mar 994NScotland21 - 10WalesTBA
Sat 27th Jan 004NWales12 - 3ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 9th Feb 014NScotland18 - 8WalesTBA
Sat 1st Feb 024NWales14 - 5ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 034NScotland6 - 0WalesTBA
Sat 6th Feb 044NWales21 - 3ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 4th Feb 054NScotland3 - 6WalesTBA
Sat 3rd Feb 064NWales9 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Feb 074NScotland6 - 3WalesTBA
Sat 1st Feb 084NWales6 - 5ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 6th Feb 094NScotland3 - 5WalesTBA
Sat 5th Feb 105NWales14 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 4th Feb 115NScotland10 - 32WalesTBA
Sat 3rd Feb 125NWales21 - 6ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 1st Feb 135NScotland0 - 8WalesTBA
Sat 7th Feb 145NWales24 - 5ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 205NScotland9 - 5WalesTBA
Sat 5th Feb 215NWales8 - 14ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 4th Feb 225NScotland9 - 9WalesTBA
Sat 3rd Feb 235NWales8 - 11ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Feb 245NScotland35 - 10WalesTBA
Sat 7th Feb 255NWales14 - 24ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 6th Feb 265NScotland8 - 5WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 5th Feb 275NWales0 - 5ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 4th Feb 285NScotland0 - 13WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 2nd Feb 295NWales14 - 7ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 1st Feb 305NScotland12 - 9WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 7th Feb 315NWales13 - 8ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 6th Feb 324NScotland0 - 6WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 4th Feb 334NWales3 - 11ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 3rd Feb 344NScotland6 - 13WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 2nd Feb 354NWales10 - 6ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 1st Feb 364NScotland3 - 13WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 6th Feb 374NWales6 - 13ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 5th Feb 384NScotland8 - 6WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 4th Feb 394NWales11 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 1st Feb 475NScotland8 - 22WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 7th Feb 485NWales14 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 5th Feb 495NScotland6 - 5WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 4th Feb 505NWales12 - 0ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 3rd Feb 515NScotland19 - 0WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 2nd Feb 525NWales11 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 535NScotland0 - 12WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 10th Apr 545NWales15 - 3ScotlandSt Helen's
Sat 5th Feb 555NScotland14 - 8WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 4th Feb 565NWales9 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Feb 575NScotland9 - 6WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 1st Feb 585NWales8 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 595NScotland6 - 5WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 6th Feb 605NWales8 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 11th Feb 615NScotland3 - 0WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 3rd Feb 625NWales3 - 8ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Feb 635NScotland0 - 6WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 1st Feb 645NWales11 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 6th Feb 655NScotland12 - 14WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 5th Feb 665NWales8 - 3ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 4th Feb 675NScotland11 - 5WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 3rd Feb 685NWales5 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 1st Feb 695NScotland3 - 17WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 7th Feb 705NWales18 - 9ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 6th Feb 715NScotland18 - 19WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 5th Feb 725NWales35 - 12ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 3rd Feb 735NScotland10 - 9WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 19th Jan 745NWales6 - 0ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 1st Mar 755NScotland12 - 10WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 7th Feb 765NWales28 - 6ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 19th Mar 775NScotland9 - 18WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 18th Feb 785NWales22 - 14ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 20th Jan 795NScotland13 - 19WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 1st Mar 805NWales17 - 6ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 7th Feb 815NScotland15 - 6WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 20th Mar 825NWales18 - 34ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 19th Feb 835NScotland15 - 19WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 21st Jan 845NWales9 - 15ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Mar 855NScotland21 - 25WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 1st Feb 865NWales22 - 15ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 21st Mar 875NScotland21 - 15WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 20th Feb 885NWales25 - 20ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 21st Jan 895NScotland23 - 7WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 3rd Mar 905NWales9 - 13ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 2nd Feb 915NScotland32 - 12WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 21st Mar 925NWales15 - 12ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 20th Feb 935NScotland20 - 0WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 15th Jan 945NWales29 - 6ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 4th Mar 955NScotland26 - 13WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 17th Feb 965NWales14 - 16ScotlandNational Stadium
Sat 18th Jan 975NScotland19 - 34WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 7th Mar 985NScotland13 - 19WalesWembley Stadium
Sat 6th Feb 995NScotland33 - 20WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 18th Mar 006NWales26 - 18ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 17th Feb 016NScotland28 - 28WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 6th Apr 026NWales22 - 27ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 8th Mar 036NScotland30 - 22WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 30th Aug 03FWales23 - 9ScotlandMillennium Stadium
Sat 14th Feb 046NWales23 - 10ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sun 13th Mar 056NScotland22 - 46WalesBT Murrayfield
Sun 12th Feb 066NWales28 - 18ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 10th Feb 076NScotland21 - 9WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 9th Feb 086NWales30 - 15ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sun 8th Feb 096NScotland13 - 26WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 13th Feb 106NWales31 - 24ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 12th Feb 116NScotland6 - 24WalesBT Murrayfield
Sun 12th Feb 126NWales27 - 13ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 9th Mar 136NScotland18 - 28WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 15th Mar 146NWales51 - 3ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sun 15th Feb 156NScotland23 - 26WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 13th Feb 166NWales27 - 23ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 25th Feb 176NScotland29 - 13WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 3rd Feb 186NWales34 - 7ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 3rd Nov 18TestWales21 - 10ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 9th Mar 196N-6NScotland11 - 18WalesBT Murrayfield
Sat 14th Mar 206N-6NWales  v  ScotlandPrincipality Stadium
Sat 13th Feb 216N-6NScotland  v  WalesBT Murrayfield
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